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Albany Dove GreyAlbany Dove Grey
Albany Dove Grey Sale priceFrom £29.99
Albany Dust GreyAlbany Dust Grey
Albany Dust Grey Sale priceFrom £31.02
Albany Navy BlueAlbany Navy Blue
Albany Navy Blue Sale priceFrom £31.02
Albany PorcelainAlbany Porcelain
Albany Porcelain Sale priceFrom £31.02
Balmoral Cashmere AshBalmoral Cashmere Ash
Balmoral Cashmere Ash Sale priceFrom £24.99
Balmoral Dove GreyBalmoral Dove Grey
Balmoral Dove Grey Sale priceFrom £24.99
Balmoral Dust GreyBalmoral Dust Grey
Balmoral Dust Grey Sale priceFrom £24.99
Balmoral Fir GreenBalmoral Fir Green
Balmoral Fir Green Sale priceFrom £24.99
Balmoral IndigoBalmoral Indigo
Balmoral Indigo Sale priceFrom £24.99
Boston CashmereBoston Cashmere
Boston Cashmere Sale priceFrom £27.49
Boston Dove GreyBoston Dove Grey
Boston Dove Grey Sale priceFrom £27.49
Boston Dust GreyBoston Dust Grey
Boston Dust Grey Sale priceFrom £27.49
Boston FjordBoston Fjord
Boston Fjord Sale priceFrom £27.49
Boston GraphiteBoston Graphite
Boston Graphite Sale priceFrom £27.49
Boston MussellBoston Mussell
Boston Mussell Sale priceFrom £27.49
Boston Navy BlueBoston Navy Blue
Boston Navy Blue Sale priceFrom £27.49
Boston Reed GreenBoston Reed Green
Boston Reed Green Sale priceFrom £27.49
Boston WhiteBoston White
Boston White Sale priceFrom £27.49
Buckingham Cashmere Ash GrainBuckingham Cashmere Ash Grain
Buckingham Cashmere Ash Grain Sale priceFrom £24.99
Buckingham DakarBuckingham Dakar
Buckingham Dakar Sale priceFrom £24.99
Buckingham Dove GreyBuckingham Dove Grey
Buckingham Dove Grey Sale priceFrom £24.99
Buckingham Dust GreyBuckingham Dust Grey
Buckingham Dust Grey Sale priceFrom £24.99
Buckingham Fir GreenBuckingham Fir Green
Buckingham Fir Green Sale priceFrom £24.99
Buckingham GraphiteBuckingham Graphite
Buckingham Graphite Sale priceFrom £24.99
Buckingham Indigo BlueBuckingham Indigo Blue
Buckingham Indigo Blue Sale priceFrom £24.99
Buckingham IvoryBuckingham Ivory
Buckingham Ivory Sale priceFrom £24.99
Buckingham Lissa OakBuckingham Lissa Oak
Buckingham Lissa Oak Sale priceFrom £24.99
Buckingham Mussel Ash GrainBuckingham Mussel Ash Grain
Buckingham Mussel Ash Grain Sale priceFrom £24.99
Buckingham Navy Blue Ash GrainBuckingham Navy Blue Ash Grain
Buckingham Navy Blue Ash Grain Sale priceFrom £24.99
Buckingham Stone Grey Ash GrainBuckingham Stone Grey Ash Grain
Buckingham Stone Grey Ash Grain Sale priceFrom £24.99
Buckingham White Ash GrainBuckingham White Ash Grain
Buckingham White Ash Grain Sale priceFrom £24.99

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Shop the Trade Moulding collection with Posh Design online today. We provide you with the ultimate destination for Trade Moulding products and home interior solutions. As a renowned family-owned business based in Birmingham, West Midlands, we pride ourselves on offering vetted, high-quality products and a fantastic customer experience.